I am Cassandra Zaeske, a multi-passionate soul on a mission to contribute something meaningful to this world. I am curious about people and healing and want to explore different channels to live out my purpose – to shine my light on others' paths and support people around me to find more joy and wellbeing in life.

Outside of breathwork, I work part-time as a People Practices Partner, as well as a Body Balance (a mixture of Yoga, Pilates and Tai chi) instructor. I found breathwork during my sabbatical in Italy in 2020 and conscious breathing has since then been a part of my daily life, supporting me in being someone more confident, healthy and inspired.

As an instructor I am gentle, professional and dedicated. My character is a wild mix of creativity and intellect, depth and lightness; I am a singer, writer and creator who enjoys geeking out on science, theory and research.

My breathwork practice gives me the opportunity to combine my passions and gifts, which truly excites me.

I'm looking forward to connecting with you!

Much love





with Cassandra

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Cassandran o2 -hengitysmatka Aurinkolahdessa

Ilmoittaudu mukaan pienryhmäharjoitukseen alla olevalla lomakkeella - seuraavat tunnit järjestetään:

- lauantaina, 10.12. klo 18-19.30

- lauantaina, 17.12. klo 10-11.30 (intro englanniksi, tuntiohjaus suomeksi ja englanniksi) - täynnä

- launtaina, 14.1. klo 10-11.30

- lauantaina, 28.1. klo 10-11.30

Aurinkolahdessa, joogastudio Auringonsillassa.

Saat vahvistuksen osallistumisesta, sekä maksu- ja muut ohjeet sähköpostiisi!

Harjoitus maksaa 30 € / hlö (alv. 0 %), lue ehdot täältä

Cassandra's o2 breathwork journey in Aurinkolahti

Sign up for Cassandra's group breathwork sessions by filling out the below form - the next classes will be arranged at yoga studio Auringonsilta in Aurinkolahti on:

- Saturday, 10.12. at 18-19.30

- Saturday, 17.12. at 10-11.30 (intro in Engl, breathwork in Fin/Engl) - fully booked

- Saturday, 14.1. at 10-11.30

- Saturday, 28.1. at 10-11.30

You will receive a booking confirmation and payment instructions per email!

The price for a breathwork session is 30 € / person (VAT 0 %), check out the terms here

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